By the numbers:

  • Number of customers: 125,000
  • Number of employees: 326
  • Total installed generating capacity: 239.1 MW

The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited is an investor owned electric utility incorporated under the Laws of Barbados. Since operations first began on June 17, 1911, the Company has grown, and the electricity supply network serves the entire island with only a few homes being more than 30 metres from service lines.


The electricity is supplied by a diesel, steam turbine and gas turbine generating plant located at Spring Garden, Garrison and Seawell. Most of the electricity is produced from the least expensive residual fuel oil available, and customers enjoy the convenience of electricity at rates which are among the lowest in the Caribbean.

Transmission & Distribution

Electricity is transmitted at 24,900 or 69,000 volts from the generating stations to substations located throughout the island. Transformers, located at each of the substations, step the voltage down to 11,000 volts for distribution via feeder circuits to residential and commercial areas. (Note: In the Pine/Wildey/Sargeants Village area distribution is at 24,900 volts.) Polemounted or padmounted transformers then step the voltage down for supply to customer installations.

BLPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera Caribbean (EC).

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