By the numbers:

  • Number of customers: 35,418
  • Number of employees: 219
  • Total installed generating capacity: 26.74 MW

Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC) serves approximately 35, 418 customers with a peak demand of about 17 megawatts on the island of Dominica.  

DOMLEC is presently the only electricity utility in the Commonwealth of Dominica which is the third largest English speaking island in the Caribbean (754 square kilometers) and has approximately 75,000 inhabitants.

The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) which regulates the electricity industry in the Commonwealth of Dominica recently granted two licences to the company. The first is a non-exclusive generation licence, and the second is an exclusive licence to transmit, distribute and supply electricity within Dominica. These licences came into effect on 1st January 2014.

DOMLEC is the first Caribbean utility to install and implement a full Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) which allows meters to be read from the company’s office. The AMI allows customers who register to be able to monitor their consumption by means of the internet. The company also offers pre-paid metering to its customers.

It is also one of the few utilities in the Caribbean which has in conjunction with the IRC published an interconnection policy which details the steps to be taken to interconnect renewable energy systems to the company’s grid.


The Company operates three run-of-the-river hydro plants on the Roseau River in the Roseau Valley, and two diesel plants. The hydro plants are the Laudat plant, the Trafalgar plant and the Padu plant with installed capacities of 1.24MW, 3.52MW and 1.8MW respectively. These three plants are automated and are unmanned. The plants are controlled from the System Control Center located in Fond Cole. The two diesel stations, one in Fond Cole and the other at Sugar Loaf, have installed capacities of 13.3MW and 6.8MW respectively.

Transmission and Distribution

The transmission and distribution (T&D) network comprises of 403 kilometers of 11kV and 922 kilometers of 230/400V overhead lines. This serves a customer base of more than 35,300 customers or about 98% of the island's population. All generation sources are linked via 11kV inter-connectors and, in some instances, via 11Kv distribution feeders. 

EC holds a 52% interest in Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.

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