Our Strategy

The primary Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated (ECI) objective is to consolidate and grow its business in the Caribbean region.   
The business strategy employed by ECI over this period is closely integrated with the Emera corporate strategy of reducing portfolio carbon intensity, connecting and integrating renewables onto the grid, and investing in utilities where strategic value can be realized.

The stated ECI target will be achieved by focusing on four main strategic areas: 

  • Organic growth of existing ECI businesses 
    • Reducing costs and energy losses, increasing market share, and increasing its investment in renewable energy.  
  • Leveraging resources across the ECI group 
    • Human resources skills, asset management philosophies, shared services, and disaster response. 
  • Increasing the diversity and reach of current businesses 
    • New market opportunities, maintenance services, deregulated business opportunities, transportation, and energy storage 
  • Strategic acquisitions in the Caribbean region 
    • Electric utilities, energy service businesses, and renewable energy investments


To support the strategy, the operational principles we use to set and calibrate the business plan and everyday priorities are: 

  • proactively improve safety culture and performance 
  • systemically reduce fuel costs, operating costs and energy losses 
  • increase shared services and resources across the group 
  • optimize asset management across the fleet 
  • shape and develop new regulated and deregulated business opportunities 
  • human resource development