Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated (ECI) is a subsidiary of Emera Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Emera Inc. holds 100% of the interest in ECI.


Important Notices



Emera Caribbean announces sale of its majority shareholding in Dominica Electricity Services Limited 

Emera announces transaction to acquire all remaining outstanding shares of Emera (Caribbean) Inc. 
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Emera offers to purchase outstanding shares of Emera (Caribbean) Inc.
Transaction to grow Emera’s investment in the Caribbean region and simplify the structure of its operations. 
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Annual Reports

Annual Reports for the following years are available as a PDF download. Note that Annual Reports prior to 2014 will appear under ECI's old name of Light & Power Holdings. For access to documents prior to 2012, contact us.




The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Company embraces its governance responsibility to ensure :

  1. maintains the highest ethical standards in the conduct of business; 
  2. complies with and where possible, exceeds legal and regulatory requirements;
  3. achieves the highest levels of transparency and accountability within the Company; 
  4. boasts a highly effective, diverse  and well informed Board; and
  5. maximizes and improves Board performance by the continuous evaluation of its effectiveness.

The Board of Directors of Emera (Caribbean) Incorporated (the Company) has a cadre of independent Directors.

The independent Directors on the Board are:

  • determined to be independent of a significant shareholding of the Company
  • independent of Management
  • free from any material interest and any business or other relationship which could, or could reasonably be perceived to, interfere with the Director’s ability to act with a view to the best interest of the Company, other than interests arising from shareholding.

The Board has adopted written standards for business conduct (Code of Conduct) that apply to everyone at the Company and its subsidiaries. Directors, Officers and employees are required to annually acknowledge and agree that they have reviewed and understand the Code of Conduct. The Board regularly reviews the Code of Conduct, and makes revisions in order to update the content in keeping with best practices and parent company requirements.

The Company has established a confidential business conduct helpline hosted by an external service provider called “The Ethics Hotline”. This hotline is available to employees to report allegations of conduct not in compliance with the Code of Conduct. The Board monitors compliance with the Code of Conduct and the Procedures for the Reporting of Irregularities and Dishonesty. There have been no instances of any waiver of compliance with the Standards or the Procedures for any Director or Officer.   

Download Code of Conduct here


Additional Information

Ernst & Young

Attorneys at Law
Clarke Gittens Farmer
Carrington Sealy

Registrar and Transfer Agent
The Barbados Central Securities Depository